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In cooking, celery salt may be substituted by mixing regular table salt with something celery-flavored, such as celery itself; lovage, an herbaceous plant; or celeriac, a lumpy brown root vegetable.


Carrots or jicama can be substituted for celery as a raw vegetable snack. Bok choy can be substituted for celery in both raw and cooked dishes. Fennel stalk or cardoon can be used instead of celery in cooked dishes, but care must be taken to cook them much longer.


Real celery can replace celery seed in a recipe. It can also be replaced with dill seed as well as celery salt.


Salt enhances the flavor and richness of food, so adding more herbs and seasonings than usual is a good way to substitute for salt. Other possibilities include products designed to serve as salt substitutes, such as the flavor enhancer monosodium glutamate.


Olive oil, roasted garlic, low-sodium salsa, curry and dill are a few flavorful salt substitutes that make bland foods more appetizing. These additions bring out a dish's underlying flavors the in way that salt does, but also add their own flavors to the mix to make foo...


Thanks to its high antioxidant content, celery is great for protecting the body's cells from unwanted oxygen damage. Celery is also known for its anti-inflammatory properties, and its high fiber content helps promote a healthy digestive system.


In a Consumer Reports taste test of salt substitutes and salt blends, the researchers clearly favored Diamond Crystal Salt Sense. Diamond Crystal Salt Sense has one-third less salt than pure salt.