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UPF is the rating system used for apparel. It’s similar to SPF (Sun Protection Factor), the rating system used for sunscreen products. SPF pertains only to a sunscreen's effectiveness against UVB rays, considered to be the more damaging type of light.


Alas, the on-line version of the paper is behind a paywall, but I'll quote a few relevant sample SPF values from their table 3 below, courtesy of my university library's on-line subscription: Lightweight cotton jersey knit, typical of T-shirt fabrics: SPF 4 (white) / 18 (dyed blue).


I found this article at REI clothing and equipment and I know it is a great place to buy outdoors gear as I have several items from them. See here and the link below for more —— “Sun Protection Basics 1.Sunlight includes rays of invisible ultravi...


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In addition to using sunscreen, it’s important to wear sun protective clothing. Many hats, shirts, and other garments sport a UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) number. What we found: The UPF ...


Which is why you need to consider the best sun protective clothing that will be perfect on a hot day, if you’re running in a long sleeve shirt on a hot day it sounds less appealing. Considering the sun exposure over a lifetime of running outside may get you motivated to seek some cover when you head out the door.


SPF, the standard used to measure the effectiveness of sunscreens, has been around for many years. The UPF system is relatively new and was created specially for sun protective fabrics. At first, American sun protective fabrics were rated using the SPF standard until the FTC finalized the UPF standard we have today.


Cotton T Shirt UV Protection Level. One of the most common questions by parents is ‘how much UV does a cotton T shirt filter or block’. Many people believe that any shirt will reduce UV, some think the color of the shirt is the factor which reduces UV radiation.The truth is somewhere in between.


Sun protective clothing is clothing specifically designed for sun protection and is produced from a fabric rated for its level of ultraviolet (UV) protection. A novel weave structure and denier (related to thread count per inch) may produce sun protective properties. In addition, some textiles and fabrics employed in the use of sun protective clothing may be pre-treated with UV-inhibiting ...


For instance, a shirt with a UPF of 50 allows just 1/50th of the sun’s UV radiation to reach your skin. This would provide excellent sun protection, in contrast to a thin white cotton T-shirt, which has a UPF of about 5, which allows 1/5th of the sun’s UV through — even more when wet.