A spatula is used to flip food, or to mix or spread food. Despite having two very distinct designs, they are both called spatulas. More »

A laboratory spatula is used for mixing, spreading and holding chemicals in a laboratory. In most cases, spatulas are made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion and provide clean mixing. However, certain spatula implem... More »

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A rubber spatula is a tool that is commonly used in cooking. It is has a broad, flat and usually flexible rubber blade that is used for blending food or removing it from cooking vessels such as pans, bowls, or cans. Rubb... More »

A hot plate is a kitchen tool that is used in the preparation or heating of food. A hot plate works just like a stove top and can be used to prepare a variety of meals. More »

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According to Prepared Pantry, the muffin method of mixing involves mixing dry and wet ingredients in separate bowls, combining the contents with a spatula and placing the batter in the oven. This simple, quick technique ... More »

Common spices used in food include cardamom, anise, chili powder and allspice. Although many spices work well on their own, some, such as chili and curry powders, are actually a combination of several spices. More »

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To clean a griddle, pour a little room temperature water on the warm surface and scrub with a spatula or sponge to remove cooked-on food. Once the surface is clean, use a mild detergent and rinse well before re-seasoning... More »

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