A rotameter works by the use of a float located in a tube, through which flows a particular substance. The float, which is denser than the substance, determines the flow rate by rising and resting at a precise level in t... More »

Distillation works by heating a mixture until a substance boils off, which can then be collected in another container after condensing. Distillation is only effective if the substances in the original mixture have signif... More »

Annealing works by heating the metal above a critical temperature, holding it at a specific temperature and color and allowing it to cool to room temperature at a controlled rate. This process increases the rate of diffu... More »

A colorimeter works by shining a light onto the sample and measuring how much light leaves; this figure is then compared to a standard control amount. A known reagent is introduced to the sample and the color that develo... More »

Invisible ink is a solution or compound that becomes visible upon addition of another substance and can either be made through a chemical or physical process. For example, certain "invisible" solutions only require UV li... More »

Gas chromatography works by taking a mixture of gases and moving it through liquid, solid or gas states in order to separate the gases. This process separates the mixture into its different components, which are then pro... More »

X Out works, according to Drugs.com, which describes the substance as a medication used to manage acne. However, it is not suitable for those with very sensitive skin or a sensitivity to benzoyl peroxide because the acti... More »