A case review hearing is a pretrial hearing held to see if the charges against the defendant can be resolved without a trial. Case review hearings are held for any case where the defendant could be sent to prison for the... More »

Reviews on hearing aid batteries can be found at Walgreens.com, Walmart.com and the P&G Everyday website. Reviews at Walgreens.com include customer ratings of one to five stars for aspects such as quality and value. More »

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Online forums and hearing provider websites are good sources for reviews of Kirkland hearing aids. Another source is an entire website dedicated to hearing aid reviews, www.complete-hearing-aid-reviews.com. More »

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A motion to dismiss includes a proof that the evidence against the defendant is not enough to accuse the him and a proof that the case is based on falsehood instead of facts, meaning the defendant should not go on trial,... More »

A bill of particulars is a statement that a plaintiff or defendant submits to another party in response to the party's request for the same and contains detailed information about the defense that the defendant intends t... More »

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A status hearing in a criminal case is a pre-trial conference made in an effort to resolve the case without it having to go to trial. It generally takes place with the judge, the prosecution, the defendant and the defend... More »

According to the American Bar Association, a pretrial hearing is often used to help the judge manage the case, help establish a time frame for all pretrial activities and set a tentative date for the trial. In some insta... More »