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Americanbar.org has sample retainer agreements available for download. Additionally, lawyers and law offices sometimes provide sample retainer agreements specific to their practices. A retainer agreement is a contract that defines the services provided by a lawyer and t...


A service agreement is a contract between two parties to provide a service in exchange for a payment. The agreement defines the specifics of the service. Time is often spent negotiating before the terms are set and the agreement is finalized.


A retainer fee is an established amount of money that a client pays to ensure the availability of a freelancer or an attorney, according to Entrepreneur magazine and About.com. Cornell University Law School explains three retainer fee structures for lawyers: general ret...


The three main types of retainers are the Hawley, the clear plastic and the fixed retainer, according to Dr. Boese. Retainers ensure teeth stay in position after orthodontic treatment, giving the periodontal ligaments time to adjust.


"The Four Agreements" is a best-selling book by Mexican author Don Miguel Ruiz who gave four principles to live by to be happy in life: speak with integrity, always do your best, do not take anything personal and do not make assumptions. The book was published in 1997.


A buy-sell agreement is a contract that stipulates the transfer of one party's business interest to another party if a certain trigger event occurs in the seller's life. Trigger events include the seller retiring, becoming disabled or dying.


A lease is a legally binding contract between a lessor and a lessee that gives the lessee right of usage of property legally owned or managed by the lessor for a period at a cost. Lease agreements are governed by the landlord-tenant law.