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A subdivision plat approved by a local planning commission, once recorded in a registry of deeds, is generally deemed to have created the parcels of land identified on the plat itself. The problem of testamentary division of property was identified by the SCPEA in the footnote to the definition of subdivision, but not fully clarified by it.


A subdivision is a parcel of land divided from a larger area. Its purpose is to split a large tract of land into smaller ones that are easier to develop and can be developed independently of one another to increase growth and maximize the use of space.


How to Subdivide Property. Homeowners and real estate investors sometimes contemplate the subdivision of residential property in pursuit of profits. There is no standard process for doing this. Laws and regulations vary from one location...


Subdivision of property refers to a process of taking one piece of property and dividing it into several. It's a fairly commonly used practice in real estate development, where a developer will buy one large tract of land and divide it into multiple ones, each containing a house, business space or condominium unit.


Residential property subdivision is becoming a major trend among homeowners in the middle to upper ends of the market. So says Peter Gilmour, chairman of RE/MAX of Southern Africa, who adds that “with the cost of living on the increase, the cost of maintaining large properties has also risen ...


For a large property, the price could reach tens of thousands. Required improvements to the property can skyrocket the total bill. Most subdivision approvals come with several stipulations that must be met before you sell the property, including site prep such as creating access to roads, sewer and


Ensuring that all property has access to public utilities. Reading a plat. Plats contain a number of informational elements: The property boundaries are indicated by bearing and distance. The bearing is in the format of degrees, minutes, seconds with compass point letters before and afterward to indicate the compass quadrant.


Subdivision definition is - an act or instance of subdividing. How to use subdivision in a sentence.


Subdivision expert Mark Upton explains how property sub-division works in his first guest column. If you have a garden, it could be worth quite a bit more to you than its value as just a green and pleasant open space. Property sub-division is an emerging new trend amongst home-owners and, given its ...


Portion of Congressional Avenue Extension from Villa Firenze Subdivision to and including Pingkian III Subdivision, Centerville Subdivision, Maries Subdivision, Mira Nila Subdivision, Embassy Terrace Homes, Wiltor Heights Subdivision and Tierra Pura Subdivision Phase 6 in Barangay Pasong Tamo, Quezon City