A parliamentary republic government is a government system that operates under a parliamentary system where an executive branch is held accountable to the legislature. The majority of these governments are led by a head ... More »

Italy has a parliamentary democratic republic form of government with a multiparty system. There are three branches of power: the executive, the legislative and the judiciary branch. More »

Turkey has had a republican parliamentary democracy since the abolition of the Ottoman Empire in 1923. Mustafa Kemal was instrumental in the creation of this new Turkish Republic and was its first president. More »

A federal republic government is divided between two levels of independent sovereignty, the national government and the states (or provinces, in some countries). Unlike a unitary system, the states or analogous subdivisi... More »

A constitutional parliamentary democracy is a political system in which parliament selects the government through elections and is limited by constitutional laws. Through this system, the government is responsible to bot... More »

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The primary advantage of a parliamentary system is that it makes the government accountable to the citizens for the decisions it makes by creating a group to monitor its performance. It also provides an out through a no-... More »

Disadvantages of a republic government include that it requires too many people to make a decision and that it was slow to render a decision. It also occasionally resulted in dictatorship, and wealth still dictated power... More »