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While the use of a notary seal embosser is optional in many states, many notaries notarizing documents going overseas prefer using a notary seal. Documents going overseas have been rejected when not embossed with a notary seal. The notary seal embosser gives the notarized document a more official look. The American Association of Notaries, Inc ...


The official notary seal stamp (also called a seal embosser) is the most regularly-used for a notary. The notary seal refers to the embossed impression of the notary public stamp. It authenticates the signature of the notary and it makes the action of the notary to be official. The term “notary seal” can also mean the embosser or the stamp.


Notary Embosser: Notary embossers are a metal clamping device that produces a raised indentation of the Notary Publics commission information (usually name and state of commission). Notary embossers are round in shape and, prior to most states adopting the inked rubber stamp, were the traditional method for documenting a notarization.


Easy to use, easy to store, this embosser has a soft rubber grip to make it more comfortable in your hand. Provides clear, crisp seal embossments every time! May be used in conjunction with a seal stamp.


The Basic Pocket Notary embosser offers a heavy duty frame and precision parts for the finest impressions every time. An easy sliding lock mechanism makes for convenient handling and storage. The Notary Seal Package includes a pocket embosser, leatherette pouch and a regular Commission Expiration hand stamp that reads, "My Commission Expires."


Two Become One: Our Honest Review of Our New Embossers. ... The curve of the handle is more than esthetically pleasing, for it allows you to be a secure notary and stash your insert in the body of the embosser. So, now you have the option of not only locking your embosser, but locking the insert to make it more difficult for someone to use your ...


Create a crisp, raised impression of your legal seal with one of NotaryStamp.com’s quality embossers. Each notary embosser is crafted keeping the strict regulations for every state carefully in mind. ExcelMark brand embossers feature a durable metal construction for long-lasting use, as well as precision-crafted dies f


stamp vs. embosser I'm a newbie (hey! stop throwing stuff at me!) Just kidding! Seriously, I had a question regarding the notary stamp vs an embosser. I'm curious what types of documents you might need an embosser for. I have had my stamp for quite awhile (about a year and a half), and just ordered the embosser. Thanks for any insight you can ...


Notary Public Seals and Embossers. Notaries public require professional and state approved seals, and at Simply Stamps you can find everything you need for the notary public profession. Add the crisp and professional look of a custom embossed seal to letterhead, envelopes and more.


An embossing seal may be used, but only in addition to the ink stamp. Rhode Island: Not required. It is optional, but recommended. South Carolina: Ink stamp or embossing seal strongly recommended. The absence of a notary seal or expiration date does not invalidate the notraial act ONLY if the notary's official title is acttached.