Niche marketing involves creating a product or service and marketing it towards a small section of the population. One example of this is a kosher dairy service in New York City that serves the area's Jewish population. More » Business & Finance Business Resources Marketing & Sales

The advantages of niche marketing are focusing on more profitable market segments, ability to establish solid relationships with members of a market segment and increased return on investment for marketing dollars. Disad... More »

The STP marketing model involves the segmenting, targeting and positioning of products and services by marketers. Segmentation involves the identification of the unique needs of target customers, then dividing the custom... More » Business & Finance Business Resources Marketing & Sales

Information that may appear in the sales and marketing section of a business plan includes the target audience for the company, the key features of the product, the major elements of the brand's identity and the budget f... More »

A consumer benefit in consumer marketing is the positive value that a product or service provides to a consumer. A consumer benefit can either be inherent to the product or service, or it can be something intangible that... More »

Pricing is an extremely important component of marketing, because it helps determine how many consumers buy a product or service and, ultimately, whether a business succeeds or fails. A business owner must employ a numbe... More »

A marketing audit should include an overview of the company, a list of marketing goals, a description of current customers, a target customer profile and a product or service description. The audit should also include a ... More »