A network key is an encrypted series of characters that enhances security in a wireless network. A network key is essential to prevent anyone from having unauthorized access to a network. More »

A network security key is a password-based encryption setting used on wireless networks. It is typically a hexadecimal number varying in length between 128 and 256 bits long depending on what type of encryption method is... More »

To find the network security key for a wireless network in Windows 7, access the Control Panel, open the Properties window of the network via Network and Sharing Center, and select the option that displays the password. ... More »

The media access control address of an electronic device is the set of characters that uniquely identifies it on a network and it is generally located within the device's network or system settings. The MAC address is a ... More »

The word "username" refers to the combination of characters that identifies an authorized person and allows him or her access to a computer, an account or a network. A common example of a username is the identification c... More »

To change the service set identification, or network name, of an Arris TG862G wireless gateway on, log in to the device, delete the old network name from the Wireless Network Name, or SSID, field under the Basic... More »

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Recover your wireless router's access password or network key by accessing the router configuration page, or you can do a factory reset if you've lost the admin password. If the password is saved on your computer, you ca... More »

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