In Argentina, when people get together to celebrate they enjoy a feast of grilled meats. This is called an asado, and it is the traditional food in a country famous for its beef. More »

The national dish of Canada is a food called poutine, which is a high-calorie creation that consists of fries, cheddar cheese curds and gravy. The Canadian dish was originally seen in the province of Quebec, but can be f... More »

While many non-Spaniards consider paella to be the national dish of Spain, tortilla espanola, or Spanish omelet, is more widely consumed throughout the Iberian peninsula. Unlike the corn-based tortilla of Mexico, the Spa... More »

Argentina is a representative democratic republic, a system of governance based on elected officials representing the people of that country and their interests. It functions as a federal system with a presidential head ... More »

Argentina, along with Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay, are founding member nations of Mercosur, an economic and political alliance in Latin America. Venezuela became the latest addition to the coalition, becoming a full-ple... More »

Because Argentina is in the Southern Hemisphere, its four seasons, which are summer, winter, spring and fall, are opposite to those of the Northern Hemisphere. In this country, the summer months are from December to Marc... More »

Occupied by indigenous groups for thousands of years, Argentina's recorded history starts with the arrival of the Spanish in 1516, who colonized the area. Argentina declared independence from Spain in 1816 and suffered t... More » Geography South America