Mosques are typically used as places of prayer and worship, particularly for the five times of prayer each day required in Islam. Mosques may also provide services such as counseling, marriages, funerals, education and c... More »

The first mosque in the United States built as a gathering place for Muslims was located in Ross, North Dakota, and was built in 1929. It was pre-dated, however, by a mosque and mission intended to serve the entire New Y... More » World View Religion Islam

Find the closest mosque to you by using Google Maps to search for nearby mosques. Enter your current address into the Google Maps search bar, and execute the search. Choose the search nearby option, and then enter "mosqu... More »

The Islamic prayer, known as "salat" or "salah," is performed five times every day, while a special congregational prayer is held on Fridays, according to the Encyclopaedia Britannica. Muslims worship Allah, the one God ... More »

Muslims are called to prayer from the minaret. The minaret is a spire that is usually taller than the mosque itself and topped with either an onion dome or conical crown. Architectural styles vary by region and period. More »

Islam is monotheistic, because Muslims only worship one deity. Muslims believe that the creator, God, is omnipotent and omniscient. Muslims also believe in angels and prophets. More »

The purpose behind the ritualized washing, known as Wudu', or ablutions, is to cleanse the body prior to presenting oneself for worship or prayer. At the time of Islam's inception, the concept of hygiene was relatively f... More »