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The Masonic lodge is the basic organisational unit of Freemasonry. The Lodge meets regularly to conduct the usual formal business of any small organisation (pay bills, organise social and charitable events, elect new members, etc.).


By their very membership in such a syncretistic type organization, they have severely compromised their witnessing as Christians. 9. By taking the Masonic obligation, the Christian is agreeing to allow the pollution of his mind, spirit, and body by those who serve false gods and believe false doctrines.


What Does it Mean to be a Mason? Many people ask me "what does it mean to be a Mason?" The very best answer that I have read was prepared by the Masonic Awareness Committee of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts.


Masonic Membership Statistics 2016-2017. US Masonic Membership Totals since 1924. U.S. Grand Lodges Membership Canadian Grand Lodges Membership . Membership Totals since 1924. The Masonic Service Association has compiled the following table of totals of Master Masons in the United Sates Grand Lodges for the fiscal years indicated.


Florida Masonic Monitor, 23rd. ed. (The Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of the State of Florida, 1992),39–40. 11. See Tsoukalas, Masonic Rites and Wrongs, 74–76, and “The Masonic Lodge.” The reenactment is centered around the Masonic legend of Hiram, who, as the Bible notes, helped King Solomon build the Temple (1Kings7:13–45).


Quick Click To Our Membership Page “The ultimate success of Masonry depends on the intelligence of her disciples.” – Albert Mackey A significant group of passionate Masons have joined together to create what is now the fastest growing research society in Freemasonry. Called simply The Masonic Society, we are brothers who have a deep and …


Masonic membership has always been an intensely personal experience and in times when "feelings" weren't discussed publicly by men, the need for a person to ask for membership was often not communicated to those who might otherwise be interested in the fraternity. Accordingly, there are many who became Masons much later in life than necessary ...


A Masonic lodge, often termed a private lodge or constituent lodge, is the basic organisational unit of Freemasonry.It is also commonly used as a term for a building in which such a unit meets. Every new lodge must be warranted or chartered by a Grand Lodge, but is subject to its direction only in enforcing the published constitution of the jurisdiction.


How to Become a Mason. Masons, or Freemasons, are members of the oldest and largest fraternity in the world, with over two million active members. Freemasonry originated in the late 16th or early 17th century, and its members have included...


What's a Mason? That's not a surprising question. Even though Masons (Freemasons) are members of the largest and oldest fraternity in the world and even though almost everyone has a father or grandfather or uncle who was a Mason, many people aren't quite certain just who Masons are. The answer is simple.