A diesel fuel lift pump is a lift pump that transfers fuel from the tank to the fuel injection system. Because in modern vehicles the tank is located below the engine, the fuel has to be lifted up from the tank to the en... More »

A septic lift station, once filled to a certain limit as determined by a float sensor, activates and pumps sewage to another line, facility or sewer. These systems are vital for moving sewage uphill when one sewage line ... More »

A hand pump works on the principle of displacement applied through the use of a piston and sucker rods that help to lift water out from the bottom. Water displacement occurs when pressure is applied on the piston and suc... More »

The Robert Bosch Verteiler diesel injection pump has a metering plunger and a distributor mechanism that sends fuel to the correct cylinder. The pump varies the injection timing in response to the engine's revolutions, a... More »

Diesel injection pump timing is important because fuel must inject at the proper time for the diesel engine to run properly and efficiently. Without proper injection pump timing, an engine is more difficult to start, run... More »

The diesel fuel injection pump delivers tightly controlled amounts of diesel fuel into the cylinders of the engine or the prechambers of the cylinders. The pumps are driven by plungers that, through translation, meters t... More »

Before installing a fuel injection system, remove the fuel pump and crank the engine a few times to relieve fuel pressure. Use tools specifically designed for a fuel injection system as they will make the job easier. More »