A leasehold is another term used to describe a long-term lease or rental. Property ownership returns to the original owner at the end of the term. More »

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A leasehold mortgage is a type of mortgage designed to financially help a person leasing a property, as stated by Pepper Hamilton law firm. This type of mortgage is often used for commercial properties. More »

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When someone has a leasehold, they own the home for a fixed term, but not the property that it sits on, and a freehold describes a person owning the home and the land it is on. With a freehold, there is no term on how lo... More »

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To make a rental lease to print, use a word processing program to type an agreement onto a blank document. Ensure that the lease agreement you type provides all the required information, and then print. More »

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Free and customizable rental lease forms are available through the Rocket Lawyer website. Site users can customize the form with the rent amount, the rent payment schedule and late fees. The option for adding a property ... More »

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A landlord's rights for eviction from a rental property include being able to evict a tenant for not paying rent, violating the terms of the lease, damaging the property and engaging in illegal activity, according to Nol... More »

A free sample of a notice to evacuate includes legal information that provides the tenant with notice of possible eviction if terms of the lease are not satisfied, according to Rocket Lawyer. The notice to evacuate serve... More »