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According to Gutter Supply, a J-channel is a trim that holds the soffit panel in its rightful place. Riverside Sheet Metal mentions that J-channel is designed for roofing applications. The J-channel mounts to the structure of the wall.


When installed correctly, a vinyl J-channel provides protection from water and creates an attractive trim for windows. Installing the J-channel requires tin snips, a tape measure, a utility knife, a hammer and roofing nails.


"The L Word" airs on the premium cable network Showtime as of 2015. According to IMDb, "The L Word" no longer airs new episodes. The show ran for five years.


The letter j in emails is a smiley emoticon that did not display properly. When an email is sent from an email program, such as Microsoft Outlook, it converts the characters ":)" or ":-)" into a distinct character using the Wingdings font, which is not available in other email programs.


Although basic cable packages may vary by cable provider, basic cable usually includes network channels such as NBC, ABC, PBS and other local access channels. Most cable providers list the basic cable channels they offer on their websites either as basic or starter packages.


Channel proteins are proteins that enable the transportation of certain substances and materials across cell membranes. Channel proteins consist of a wide group of more than 20 different organic compounds and, although they share the umbrella title of channel proteins, these substances play differen


The Fox network channel varies by location. By visiting the official Fox website, viewers can determine their local Fox affiliate station by looking at the affiliate map. This map lists all Fox affiliate channels by region.


The top "J" names for girls in 2014 were Julia at 85th, Jasmine, which took the 100th spot and Jocelyn, which ranked 114th, on a list by the Social Security Administration. Jennifer was number one on the list from 1970 to 1984, but ranked 220th in 2014.


LL Cool J, whose real name is Todd Smith, is married to Simone Smith. The rapper and Simone met on Easter Day in 1987, when he stopped his car to talk to a friend, whose cousin happened to be Simone. Her maiden name was Johnsen before the pair married on Aug. 7, 1995. The couple has a son named Naje


Many places begin with the letter "J," including the city of Johannesburg in South Africa. Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa and is one of the most industrialized cities on the continent. It was established in 1886 and is 129.71 square miles in area.