A humidifier releases water vapor into an area to create humidity in different ways, depending on the specific type. The device can relieve conditions and symptoms related to cold weather or dry air. More »

Humidifiers can alleviate dry skin and lubricate the sinuses, which may help prevent nosebleeds and speed recovery after illness. Humidifiers can also relieve snoring caused by dry sinuses. More »

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The purpose of a humidifier is to increase the moisture content of the air in the room or home. Humidifiers are often used in the winter in homes and buildings where heating systems are in heavy use. They can be bought a... More »

A humidifier releases water vapor into the air from an internal reservoir, dispersing it through various means. Warm mist humidifiers boil water to produce steam, while cool mist humidifiers rely on physical means to spr... More »

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Using a humidifier, boiling water, adding water sources and hanging clothes to dry are some ways to increase a room's humidity. Humidifiers range in size and capability. Some are made for distributing moisture throughout... More »

An Idylis humidifier is an ultrasonic humidifier that doesn't emit as much noise as regular humidifiers. It utilizes high frequency sound waves to dissolve particles of moisture in the air while giving off a particulate ... More »

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Transpiration is the process in which a plant releases water vapor from its leaves into the surrounding air. The rate transpiration occurs varies widely based on the weather and soil conditions surrounding the plant. More »