The difference between a stepbrother and a half-brother is whether he is related only through marriage or whether he is a blood relative. Half-brothers share one biological parent, while stepbrothers do not. More »

Someone has a half-sister if the two of them share only one parent. So, if a brother and sister are born to the same mother, but they have different fathers, then they are half-siblings. This is also true if they share t... More » Family Genealogy

There are two references in the Bible to Jesus’s brothers and sisters, made by crowds who stand before Jesus. In Mark 6:3, the crowd refers to Mary and Joseph’s children James, Joses, Judas and Simon as Jesus’s brothers. More » World View Religion Christianity

Family refers to two or more people interrelated through blood, marriage, fostering or adoption. Normally, a family is perceived to live together in the same household, albeit for varying durations. On the other hand, ki... More »

A "great uncle" refers to any brother of either grandparent. This is also the same as being the uncle of one's father or mother. More »

Your grandfather's brother is your great-uncle. In some countries, he may also be called a granduncle. More »

A niece is the female child of a person's brother or sister. A niece can also be the female child of the brother or sister of a person's spouse. More »