A gypsy lifestyle is a way of describing the way in which someone who moves a lot and never stays in one place for very long lives. It is derived from the perception of gypsies as nomadic people. More »

Only individuals who are born into one of the ethnic groups known as "gypsies" can be gypsies, otherwise it is impossible to become one. Gypsies sometimes marry those who are not gypsy, although it is widely discouraged.... More »

A typical Gypsy wedding is loud, joyful and abundant with vivid colors and themes. There are glittering and sparkly materials and jewels and extravagant surroundings and decoration; all in all, the wedding is exaggerated... More »

Nomadic herding, or nomadic pastoralism, is a practice that entails moving from one place to another with cattle in search of pasture. Pastoralists sell their animals to get products that they don't produce, and they als... More »

A dead gypsy tattoo symbolizes the loss of someone that was greatly loved. It is generally used in the Meso-American culture, and the symbol is prominent on the Day of the Dead. More »

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Individuals can show respect to cultures different than their own by educating themselves about the culture's ideals, opening their mind to new ideas and taking part in activities that are meaningful in the people's live... More »

People celebrate birthdays to honor their birth and the beginning of a new year in their lives. The custom of celebrating birthdays began in ancient times but was not widespread until the turn of the 19th century. At tha... More »