A group of elephants is called a herd or a parade. The phrase "herd of elephants" is more commonly used than the more fanciful phrase "a parade of elephants." More »

The male elephant is known as a bull, while the female elephant is called a cow. For the baby elephant, the appropriate term is a calf. A group of elephants is termed a herd or a parade. More »

Female elephants are called cows. Male elephants are called bulls. An entire group of elephants are reffered to as a heard. Elephants are very intelligent animals with complex social structures. More »

Pygmy elephants are the smallest of the elephant species and are believed to be the remaining relatives of a herd once belonging to royalty. These small elephants are also called Borneo pygmy elephants because they live ... More »

A herd of elephants is called a parade. Elephants naturally live in herds with linear and established social orders. They require large areas in which to raise families, breed, travel, forage and live. The climates of As... More »

A matriarch African elephant leads the herd through migration by using her memory to find safe routes with plentiful food and water. Families of elephants join to make a large group for safe migration. More »

It's a popular myth that elephants are the only mammal that cannot jump, but rhinos, hippos and sloths also carry this same trait. When hippos and rhinos run, however, there are times when all four feet are off the groun... More »