A grand uncle, also sometimes called a great uncle, is the uncle of one's parent. As such, he is also the brother of one of a person's grandparents. To a grand uncle, a person is a grand nephew or great nephew. More »

A grand-aunt or grand-uncle is the sibling of your grandparent, while great-aunts and great-uncles are further removed. However, "grand" and "great" are often used interchangeably. More »

One's grandmother's brother is usually called a great-uncle, in terms of familial relationships. Grand-uncle is another name for this kin, but the term isn't used as often. More »

A "great uncle" refers to any brother of either grandparent. This is also the same as being the uncle of one's father or mother. More »

The first cousin of one's mother is referred to as one's first cousin, once removed. This phrase is also used to denote one's relationship with a first cousin's child. The phrase "once removed" specifies that there is on... More »

The theory of particulate inheritance was developed by Gregor Mendel and is used to explain how offspring can occasionally develop traits that neither parent possesses. His theory revolved around the idea that offspring ... More »

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Someone has a half-sister if the two of them share only one parent. So, if a brother and sister are born to the same mother, but they have different fathers, then they are half-siblings. This is also true if they share t... More »

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