A funeral video is a video montage or slide show shown at a funeral so family and friends can relive the memories of someone who recently passed away. Many funeral homes, as well as other independent contractors, make fu... More »

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It is possible to have a funeral on a Saturday. Many families choose to have funerals on a Saturday because it allows friends and family to attend who would have difficulty attending the funeral otherwise. More »

A funeral vigil is an opportunity, sometimes involving a formal ritual, to spend time with the body of the deceased before burial or other disposition. Viewings and wakes are examples of funeral vigils. More »

Only a select number of options are available for someone who cannot afford a proper funeral, since death is a major expense. The two primary alternatives to paying for a funeral are donating the body to medical science ... More »

Some good words of remembrance for a funeral are that memories of the deceased person live on and that the person's spirit made others smile. Other words of remembrance for a funeral say that the deceased person worked h... More »

Commonly used phrases to express condolences for the death of someone include expressions of sympathy or hopes of comfort, such as “I’m so sorry for your loss,” and “May you find comfort in your memories during this diff... More »

When writing a thank you letter acknowledging someone's presence at the visitation, donation to a charity on behalf of the deceased or gift for the family, begin the letter with wording that offers thanks and appreciatio... More »