The Freemasons are a large, secular fraternal society with branches all over the world. The organization began as a trade guild of stonemasons, although as of 2015 it is largely a social and philosophical organization. More » History Modern History

Prospective Freemasons should contact their local Masonic lodge or the Grand Lodge of their region to begin the process of joining. The basic requirements for membership include being a freeborn man of good repute and la... More » World View Religion

The Freemason code of conduct, virtue, God and geometry are some of the universal symbols of the Freemason's square, which is the combination of a ruler, a set of compasses joined together and the letter G. There is no i... More » World View Symbolism

Notable Freemasons include Benjamin Franklin, George Washington and Franklin D. Roosevelt. Washington and Roosevelt went on to become American presidents, while Franklin is credited as one of the Founding Fathers and an ... More » World View Philosophy

The way that revolutionaries define truth depends on the type of revolutionary, but most view truth as the doctrine that will change the society and culture to the way that it should be. The truth is subjective to revolu... More » History Modern History

The Order of the Illuminati was an 18th-century secret society created by Adam Weishaupt. The organization, founded on May 1, 1776, was a product of The Enlightenment and featured various freethinkers and intellectuals o... More » History Modern History

Although it was originally thought that the Renaissance was a period during which women achieved a greater degree of equality with men, the assumption has been challenged by modern writers claiming that even women in the... More »