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Freehold property defines a property title by which the owner of the land owns for perpetuity (“free from hold”). In other terms: freehold property ownership has no limit in time for the ...


Definition: Freehold property can be defined as any estate which is "free from hold" of any entity besides the owner. Hence, the owner of such an estate enjoys free ownership for perpetuity and can use the land for any purposes however in accordance with the local regulations. Sale of a freehold ...


fee simple. n. absolute title to land, free of any other claims against the title, which one can sell or pass to another by will or inheritance. This is a redundant form of "fee," but is used to show the fee (absolute title) is not a "conditional fee," or "determinable fee," or "fee tail."


In real estate. Freehold (law), the tenure of property in fee simple. Customary freehold, a form of feudal tenure of land in England; Parson's freehold, where a Church of England rector or vicar of holds title to benefice property; Places. Freehold, Greater Manchester, an area of Oldham, in North West England . Freehold Metrolink station, a light rail stop in Greater Manchester, England


If you are still confused, become a member of HomeOwners Alliance and speak to our legal helpline who should be able to clarify things for you. Naomi. Comment by AKerr — September 21, 2017 @ 12:21 pm. I j ust found out that a property I own comes under same title freehold as four others what does mean. Comment by Jim — September 15, 2017 ...


Native title cannot be claimed on freehold land, as it is extinguished over the area. However, protection is required on freehold land under State and federal legislation for the protection of sacred sites. Some leases can convert to freehold. In some States, a lease of Crown land may be converted to freehold.


In common law jurisdictions like England and Wales, Australia, Canada, and Ireland, a freehold is the common ownership of real property, or land, and all immovable structures attached to such land. It is in contrast to a leasehold: in which the property reverts to the owner of the land after the lease period has expired. For an estate to be a freehold, it must possess two qualities: immobility ...


Freehold land is owned absolutely by the owner, with ownership registered as a freehold title. The freehold owner can use the land as they choose, provided they follow the law and comply with planning requirements. The trustee and the government can’t put restrictions on the use of freehold land the way they can for leasehold land.


Freehold Qualified Title - A Qualified Freehold is very rare. Qualified Freehold is granted where the applicant's legal right to the property can only be established for a limited period of time or is subject to reservations the effect of which, combine to mean that the title is not a good holding title.


Freehold. A life estate, an interest in land the duration of which is restricted to the life or lives of a particular person or persons holding it, or an estate in fee, an interest in property that is unconditional and represents the broadest ownership interest recognized by law.