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Fixed gear bikes have the advantage of reversing or motioning the bike backward over the single speed bike which has a freewheel. The disadvantages of fixed gear bikes. Fixed gear bikes are only efficient on fair road surfaces which are relatively flat. Riding the bike on steep regions is tiresome to the cyclist.


A fixed-gear bicycle (or fixed-wheel bicycle, [citation needed] commonly known in some places as a fixie) is a bicycle that has a drivetrain with no freewheel mechanism. The freewheel was developed early in the history of bicycle design but the fixed-gear bicycle remained the standard track racing design. More recently the "fixie" has become a popular alternative among mainly urban cycli...


This fixed gear bike is an affordable and durable track bike that caters to those just getting into the sport. However, you can also take it for rides around town or use it for urban commuting.


That's the cog. On a fixed gear bike, that piece doesn't have a bearing in it and it is fixed to the back wheel. Typically, these cogs would have a ball bearing system to allow the wheel to spin independently of the cog. On a fixed gear bike, this isn't so. So, on our bikes, if you pedal forward, the bike moves forward. If you pedal backwards ...


What Is A Fixed Gear Bike? While many other bikes are classified based on their frame types and physical characteristics, a fixed gear bike refers only to its drivetrain, or the system used to propel the bike. A fixed gear, as the name implies, utilizes a gear that is “fixed,” so as to not allow the rear wheel to operate freely.


Fixed Gear Bikes 1-24 of 347 results for Sports & Outdoors : Outdoor Recreation : Cycling : Bikes : Fixed Gear Bikes Captain Marvel Single-Speed Fixie Style Bike by Schwinn, Featuring 58cm/Large Steel Stand-Over Frame with 700C Wheels and Flip-Flop Hub, Perfect for Urban Commuting and City Riding, in Red/Blue/Gold


The 6KU aluminum fixed gear bike is highly attractive for its features, style, and prize. With a low weight, it rides fast and delivers an authentic fixie feel. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the frame and forks and with a limited 1-year warranty on the components. For the price, it’s one of the best fixed gear bikes available!


The fixed-gear bicycle is the grandfather of every bike you see today: Before derailleurs and freewheels, there was one ever-spinning gear.The Tour de France was a fixed-gear event up until WWI ...


A fixie bike, or fixed gear bicycle, is a single-speed bike with that single gear fixed in place. This means that, as you pedal forward, the bike will move forward, and when you pedal backward, the bike will move backward. There is no “free-wheeling” (or “coasting”) on a fixed gear bike because the pedals move when the wheels do.


Fixed Gear Bikes, Single-speed Bikes, and Track Bikes also known as fixie bikes, are perfect for mashing through the streets or hitting up the local velodrome. A fixed gear bicycle is the most simple, stripped down, and minimal bike on the market today.