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A duck press is an innocuous-enough sounding name for a kitchen tool that actually has a rather macabre use. Pressed duck is a famous dish in French cuisine and it uses, what else — a duck press for its creation. The dish begins innocently enough, with a roasted duck, with the legs removed and grilled.


The duck is seasoned and steamed, then deboned. The meat is then flattened, by press or rolling pin, to a uniform thickness of about 3/4 inch. The pressed/rolled duck meat is steamed again, to help keep its shape; then, deep-fried just before serving.


Duck presses aren't easy or inexpensive to come by these days, and though pressed duck isn't nearly as popular as it was in nineteenth-century Paris, the tradition of the duck press -- whether or not you consider it macabre or sublime -- continues. And for that, we are most certainly thankful.


The remainder of the bird in compressed in a duck press which extracts all the juices. The extracted juice is mixed with reduced red wine, butter, green peppercorns and flamed with cognac to produce a delicious sauce that is served over the sliced breast and crispy legs. Truffles are optional.


A duck press, for non-culinary readers, is a kitchen device used for extracting the juice of a duck or chicken. See Also. Sentences with the word duck press Words that rhyme with duck press What is the plural of duck press? Watch and Learn. Nearby Definitions. duckponds. duckpond. duckpins. duckpin. duck out. duck on the rock.


In layman terms, a duck press is a kitchen tool used to press the duck carcass in a manner that it squishes out even the last drop of blood, and the last morsel of bone marrow from the carcass.The blood and finely shredded soft bone pieces are then used to prepare a sauce.Many people call the process macabre, but French cuisine lovers call it their way to sheer gastronomic delight.


Chef David Burke explains what a duck press is. What STEVEN SEAGAL says about VAN DAMME and other action stars [HD] - Duration: 3:29. Jean-Claude Vandammelibrary 3,711,183 views


The juices are used to season the slices when served. The duck is typically cooked for 20 to 30 minutes and then the breast is removed for slicing. The remaining meat, such as the legs and carcass are placed in a steel or brass press with a handle and shaft or screw mechanism that applies pressure to the meat.


Model: 612205. Lobster and Duck carcass press. This impressive polished solid brass duck press is used to extract juices. Tin lined concave pressing disk. The remainder of the bird in compressed in a ...


In China, pressed duck is made by seasoning and steaming a whole duck, removing its bones, and then flattening it out before steaming it again. After the double steaming, the duck is deep fried so that it becomes crispy and golden. This dish may be served with an assortment of sauces, and it is also popular cold shredded on salads and other foods.