According to Tattoo Easily, a dreamcatcher tattoo symbolizes the Native American culture. Many people believe dreamcatcher tattoos protect a person from negative energy, while others see them as a connection between man ... More » Beauty & Fashion Body Art Tattoos

The most common dream catcher legend tells of a grandmother who saved a spider's life. In exchange, the spider gave her a dream catcher, explaining that it allowed good dreams to slip through and caught bad dreams. There... More » Art & Literature Folklore

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A star tattoo is a symbol of hope and truth. The star also symbolizes the divine light that shines in all human beings. A tattoo on the foot is popular among women and is particularly attractive when worn with high-heele... More »

Japanese snake tattoos are a symbol of wisdom and good luck. The body art can also convey strength and change. Some people get the tattoo to symbolize protection from bad fortune or sickness. More »