The doobie is a method of hair wrapping that is used to flatten, dry and smooth out textured hair before styling. Traditionally, women of Caribbean and African decent fashion this technique. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

Nappy, or kinky textured hair, grows an average rate of one-quarter to one-half inch per month, the same as any other texture. Taking vitamin supplements claiming to affect hair growth may work to speed up growth, but pr... More »

Raven, or deep black, hair can be enhanced and protected by using color enhancing shampoos and styling products. Natural dyes and similar hair treatments can also be used to intensify raven hair. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair

While specific services vary by salon, typical services at a hair salon include hair cuts, styling, coloring and hair re-texturing or perming. Hair extensions, nail and skin services may also be offered. Most salons also... More »

Great Clips focuses on providing haircuts for clients of all ages, and shampooing and styling are also offered at reasonable prices. Common styling requests are French braids and updos. Some locations additionally offer ... More »

There is no exact formula for growing longer hair, however, massaging the scalp to encourage hair growth, maintaining a healthy lifestyle along with a nutritious diet, and keeping existing hair in a healthy state via pro... More »

Long hair is the product of keeping hair moisturized, vigorously massaging the scalp prior to a shower and shielding hair from heat during styling, explains Cosmopolitan. Regular exercise, a balanced diet and taking mult... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair