Personal disposition is a person’s true character, attitude and outlook. It is a person’s tendency or habit to act in a certain way or perform an undertaking. A personal disposition can also be described as a habitual in... More »

Deferred disposition is a way to remove a traffic citation from a violator's record, and to do so the offender is required to serve a period of probation, which is assigned by a municipal court, according to the municipa... More »

The term "case disposition" is used within the legal system to describe the resolution or the outcome of any case. A disposition may occur at any time during a court proceeding, though it is subject to the law and also t... More »

Principles of a positive attitude are to remember each person's individual power to be happy and to believe that each individual person has an abundant life in her own way. In addition, a positive attitude means acceptin... More »

A person's attitude toward a person, place or thing influences that person's decisions, actions or behaviors toward the person, place or thing. Someone who doesn't like a particular person, for instance, is likely to act... More » World View Social Sciences Psychology

According to handwriting graphologists, a person's handwriting can say a lot about his personality, character and even medical problems. Graphologists consider the size, space, slant, shape of letters, page margins, pres... More »

Typically, a person's most prevalent character or personality traits express themselves as both strengths and corresponding weaknesses at the same time. For instance, someone with strong analytical and thinking skills ma... More »