According to the law firm Eason and Tambornini, the term "deposition hearing" refers to a court-approved session during which time counsel may ask people involved in a case questions that must be answered under oath. Dur... More »

Deposition occurs when the sea loses energy and drops any matter that it may be carrying. Deposition is a coastal process. More »

A deposition is a way for attorneys to question witnesses in a civil lawsuit in a setting outside of the courtroom. The type of questions that are asked are dependent upon the type of case that is pending. More »

Giving a deposition, which is a pre-trial testimony taken under oath, is much like giving testimony in court, except there is no judge present, according to FindLaw. The opposing lawyer will ask questions regarding the c... More » Government & Politics Law

A deposition witness should thoughtfully and truthfully answer the questions. The deposition generally serves to provide information to all parties involved, and only in limited circumstances becomes part of a court proc... More » Government & Politics Law

The origins of jury questionnaires are the English common law practice of voir dire, in which a juror was required to take an oath if his participation in the jury process was challenged because of a perceived or actual ... More » Government & Politics Law

A legal affidavit is a printed or written statement prepared and signed by a witness or party before a court of law or some other authority that possesses the power to witness an oath. An affidavit has specific features ... More »