Deposition occurs when the sea loses energy and drops any matter that it may be carrying. Deposition is a coastal process. More »

A deposition is a way for attorneys to question witnesses in a civil lawsuit in a setting outside of the courtroom. The type of questions that are asked are dependent upon the type of case that is pending. More »

According to the law firm Eason and Tambornini, the term "deposition hearing" refers to a court-approved session during which time counsel may ask people involved in a case questions that must be answered under oath. Dur... More »

The three main causes of landform changes are erosion, deposition and weathering. Some main types of landforms are mountains, plains, plateaus, valleys and deltas. A landform like a mountain experiences gradual change th... More »

Some of the constructive forces that shape and create landforms are crustal deformation, deposition of sediment and volcanic eruptions. The flow of heat through the Earth's crust and the movement of tectonic plates and m... More »

The sea is blue because water, in large quantities, is blue. Also, when the light from the sun hits the water, it gets filtered so that redness is absorbed, allowing more of the blue color to be reflected. More »

Sea arches form when waves are deflected to the sides by a point on the headland. These waves erode a plane of weakness on both sides of the headland creating an opening. The openings on each side eventually meet in the ... More »