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Some father to daughter poems written by established poets include "For My Daughter" by Davig Ignatow, "To a Sad Daughter" by Michael Ondaatje and "The Writer" by Richard Wilbur. These poems express a father's love and his experience as he watches his daughter grow from...


A resource that readers use to locate poems about daughters is PoemHunter, a page that specializes in providing poetry of all types. PoemHunter provides a written and verbal recantation of the selected poem. A few poems about daughters are "For My Daughter" by David Ign...


To write a poem for your daughter, first decide what you want the poem to focus on, then jot down your thoughts that fall within that focus. Pick the form you want your poem to take and start playing with words and phrases to make them fit within the desired form.


In an ode to her daughter Cleis, the Greek poet Sappho wrote, "A girl whose hair is yellower than torchlight should wear no headdress but fresh flowers." Otomo no Sakanoue, an eighth-century Japanese poet, wrote about a mother's love for her daughter, and also about the...


Some beautiful poems about a daughter include the titles "Morning Song" by Sylvia Plath, "For Jessica, My Daughter" by Mark Strand, "Tomorrow, at Daybreak" by Victor Hugo and "A Prayer for My Daughter" by W.B. Yeats. These poems are available online on poetry websites s...


A sweet, loving poem from a father to his daughter comes from Mike Quinn called "I am Yours to Keep" rated 4.39 out of 5 stars on FamilyFriend Poems. It has been featured on FamilyFriend as both the "Poem of the Week" and "Poem of the Day."


An example of a poem written from daughter to mother is Elizabeth Akers Allen's 1859 poem, "Rock Me to Sleep." The poem ends with the line, "Rock me to sleep, mother, – rock me to sleep!"