A company profile should contain key information about the company including its history and purpose. Elements of a company profile may also include a mission statement and list of awards or certifications. More »

Some examples of company profiles include those on business listing and verification sites, such as Dun and Bradstreet’s Hoovers website, and profiles for employment available through Monster and Careerbuilder. Company p... More »

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Items typically included in a business or corporate profile are: mission statement, leader’s message, summary of what the company does, company history, successes and milestones, awards and certifications, key personnel ... More »

To write a personal medical history, gather writing materials, compile pertinent information about your medical background, write the information down in a notebook or personal journal. Include details about specific lif... More »

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Some things to include on a letter or plaque of appreciation are basic information such as the recipient's name, details about the activity or event being recognized, relevant dates or time frames that apply and the name... More »

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The purpose of inserting headers, footers, dates, slide numbers and other objects into documents is to make it easier for the reader to find specific information contained in your document. Headers and footers are often ... More »

Saia LTL Freight posts information about the company's history, profile and services at Saia.com. Customers can also read about the company's Xtreme Guarantee, distribution and consolidation, and partner networks on the ... More »

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