Colonial Georgia was originally under a trustee system. The Board of Trustees served in humanitarian roles, and they elected 15 members, called the Common Council, to conduct business for the colony. The colony defaulted... More »

The three types of colonial government are royal, proprietary and charter governments. Although all three colony types were considered part of the reigning sovereign's territory, the law-making process was different for ... More »

Maryland was the first colony to be founded on the proprietary system of government in which a private land owner or corporation was granted express power over all ruling aspects of the colony by the king. Maryland was t... More »

Colonial New Jersey had a proprietary type of government. A proprietary colony was chartered to a person or several people who were entitled to rule the land with utmost authority. More »

The single-most famous person from colonial Georgia is James Oglethorpe, the founder of the colony, the first trustee and the first unofficial governor. There were other trustees and governors but none near as well-known... More »

People in colonial Georgia and the other Southern colonies made a living exporting tobacco, furs, indigo, rice and farm products. Colonial work was generally related to agriculture and farming, with top exports including... More »

People that lived in colonial Georgia included northern Europeans, Caribbean natives, Africans, people from the Mediterranean and some Native Americans. Georgia gained citizens from other colonies in the United States as... More »