A college diploma is a certificate earned when a student achieves graduation from an accredited college program, earning anywhere from 30 to over 70 college credits. A "diploma" is the technical term used for the piece o... More »

No accredited college accepts students with IEP diplomas. Students with IEP diplomas may be able to attend a community college if they are able to fulfill other requirements such as an "Ability to Benefit" test. Any scho... More »

As of 2015, someone doesn't need a high school diploma to get into many community colleges and private colleges in the United States, according to Synonym. However, a high school diploma, GED or something equivalent is o... More »

Alison free online courses are certificate or diploma courses meant to increase job skills and make the student more competitive in the workplace. Alison.com currently offers over 750 courses that fall under eight catego... More »

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Whether or not a certificate or diploma is better for a student to obtain depends on the student's existing education, personal goals and career requirements. Certificate programs focus on a specific area or skill while ... More »

College student fees vary by program, the number of credits taken and specific campus features, but these different fees can generally include technology fees, activity fees, parking fees, health fees and athletic fees. ... More »

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The University of California, Los Angeles, the American Public University and the University of Florida offer waste management courses with credits applying towards a certificate. Universities that offer waste management... More »