According to the San Diego Zoo, butterflies fly by moving their wings in a figure-eight motion. The wings of a butterfly are made of a thin layer of protein called "chitin." This is the same protein that makes up the but... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Butterflies & Moths

Pressing butterflies allows you to keep their beauty for as long as you like. All you need are some dried specimens, a plastic container with lid, a glassine envelope, Lysol, a glass frame and an insect-mounting kit. Gen... More » Hobbies & Games Crafting Crafts for Kids

Butterflies use muscles to move their wings and take flight. The wings are made of a thin, translucent material called chitin that covers a framework of small veins. Butterflies need the correct weather conditions becaus... More »

A butterfly has four wings, or two sets of wings. Butterflies belong to the order Lepidoptera, which also includes moths and skippers. When not in use, butterfly wings fold together in a vertical fashion. More »

The monarch butterfly has bright orange, black and white wings that warn predators away. Any animals that try to feed on this butterfly find out quickly that it is both noxious and toxic. More » Pets & Animals Bugs Butterflies & Moths

Adaptations for survival of the adult blue morpho butterfly include its coloration, eyespots on its wings, flight speed and unpleasant odor when threatened. Among the blue morpho caterpillar survival adaptations are irri... More »

Preserve a butterfly specimen by relaxing, pinning and drying the specimen. Relaxing and drying are necessary to prevent the specimen from breaking or molding in the future. More »