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A group of turtles is called a "bale." Many people use the term "herd" to refer to a group of turtles. No matter what species, all turtles belong to the order Testudines. Pond and river turtles and the like spend their lives in or near bodies of water and are dependent on them. Tortoises are turtles belonging to a subgroup called Testudinidae.


I found the same answers every one did, bale, nest, turn or dole. I relly think this is a trick question. Unless they are in a zoo, an aquarium or in some ones back yard pond, they appear to be solo. I have heard about sea turtle other varieties m...


A group of sea turtles is commonly referred to as a bale. There are seven species of sea turtles: leatherback, green sea turtle, loggerhead, Kemp's ridley sea turtle, hawksbill, flatback and olive ridley sea turtle. The life cycle of a sea turtle is very long, and decades may pass before for an individual turtle reaches sexual maturity.


A general (non-breed specific) baby turtle is called a hatchling. When they are still in shell, a group of hatchlings is called a clutch. If they have been born, a group of them are called a bale.


The carapace and plastron are joined together on the turtle's sides by bony structures called bridges. The inner layer of a turtle's shell is made up of about 60 bones that include portions of the backbone and the ribs, meaning the turtle cannot crawl out of its shell.


What is a group of turtles called? A group of turtles is called a “bale” and a group of tortoises is called a “creep” but a group of terrapins has no specific name. This Cool, Gross & Weird!® excerpt is from Today’s Dinosaurs: A Complete Guide to Turtles, Terrapins, and Tortoises by Stacey Venzel (July 2017/Sherpa Multimedia).


Owls are generally solitary, but when seen together the group is called a “parliament” as they have long been considered to be of a wise disposition. In Greek mythology, the owl is the symbol for Athena, the goddess of wisdom. Geese are called a “gaggle” as the word is imitative of the noise they make.


well they are called sea turtles because they are turtles that live in the sea. i mean there really is no other name for it. ... There are a few reasons why a group of turtles is called a bale ...


172 unusual names for groups of animals. by These are names for groups of animals. ... Turtles come in groups called a bale, nest, turn, or dole ... Worms come in groups called a bed, clew, bunch, or clat Wrens come in groups called a herd


The collective noun for turtles is the word you would use to describe a group of turtles. We have identified the following word(s) that you could call a group of turtles: bale dole nest turn Used in a sentence, you could say "Look at the bale of turtles", where "bale" is the collective noun that means group.