On a credit card, the bank identification number consists of the first four to six digits on the card. This indicates the issuing institution, and it is vital for verification of transactions to that issuer. These number... More »

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Bank routing numbers are associated with a checking or savings account from a particular bank branch location, according to Wells Fargo. The number normally appears on the bottom left of a personal check, just to the lef... More »

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A roll number is a unique identifier for an individual's account number, normally a savings account, at a building society, states Experian. Wikipedia explains that building societies are financial institutions that offe... More »

According to Capital One, it is possible to find out where to send a Capital One credit card payment by entering the first six digits of the credit card number at its Credit Card Payment Wizard page. Capital One also enc... More »

Individuals should enter all of the digits printed on a barcode when asked to enter the barcode number. This includes any numbers printed to the left or to the right of the barcode itself, even if they aren't included in... More »

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Many businesses such as BluePay, Quickbooks and Pay Pal offer free credit card readers, and obtaining one of these free credit card readers is often as simple as signing up for an account online and requesting a card. Th... More »

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To apply for a Merrick Bank classic Visa or MasterCard credit card, visit the Merrick Bank website, enter in the acceptance certificate number and fill out the online application form. To apply for a Merrick Bank secured... More »