A 90-degree turn is one-quarter of turn regardless of direction. If a person imagines himself standing looking straight ahead and then turning to face the right side or the left side, he has made a 90-degree turn. More »

A 90-degree angle has an internal angle equivalent to 90 degrees and forms a perfect L shape. It is also known as a right angle. More »

There are a couple of ways to rotate the computer screen, reports Alphr. One way is to hold CTRL and ALT and press the arrow key corresponding to the direction you want the screen to face. Alternatively, rotate the displ... More »

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Vector notation is a written method for representing quantities that possess both direction and magnitude, such as acceleration. Vectors are often represented graphically by lines with an arrow pointing in the appropriat... More »

To draw a rectangular prism, determine what direction you want it to face, draw the two ends and connect them with lines using the vanishing point and other principles of perspective. A prism has perfect edges and faces,... More »

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A vector quantity is a quantity of something which possesses both magnitude and direction. Magnitude is simply the size or amount of the quantity. For example, the magnitude of the quantity eight miles per hour is eight.... More »

A free-body diagram is used in physics to show the direction and relative magnitude of all forces acting upon an object. Typically, the object is represented by a box or a dot. Arrows are used to show the direction of ea... More »