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The size of an 18 cubic feet refrigerator can range from a height of 66.5 inches to 83.5 inches, depending on the brand and model. Refrigerators of this size also have varying widths, between 29.25 inches to nearly 36 inches.


The dimensions of a 12-cubic-foot refrigerator depend on the overall design of the appliance. Dimensions for Frigidaire's model FFTR1222QM with a top freezer is 29 inches deep by 24 inches wide by 59.875 inches high. The True T-12 commercial reach-in refrigerator is tal...


Cu is the chemical symbol for copper, while AgNO3 is the chemical formula for the inorganic compound silver nitrate. Copper is an element with the atomic number 29. Silver nitrate is composed of one silver, one nitrogen and three oxygen atoms.


Cu(ClO3)2 is the chemical formula for the compound copper(II) chlorate. Copper chlorate can also be referred to as cupric chlorate. The chemical symbol Cu represents copper, the chemical symbol Cl represents chlorine, and the chemical symbol O represents the element oxy...


The Roper 3.6 cu. ft. 9-cycle top load washer measures 27.5 inches wide by 27 includes deep by 42 inches high. The machine’s unique suspension system reduces vibration and noise, so it can be installed on an upper floor.


Pounds per square inch cannot be converted to ft-lbs because psi is a measurement of pressure, whereas ft-lbs is a measurement of total energy. Neither one is in the International System of Units as a primary form of measurement. Psi and ft-lbs are primarily American an...


Fort Hood Army Base in Texas provides training and support for many Army units, and it can accommodate two armored divisions at one time. This Army Base is the largest and oldest in the United States; it is the only one capable of stationing and training Armored Divisio...