An industry is a group of companies with the same focus. Some examples of common industries are automobile production, tobacco, farm goods and office supplies. More »

Secondary industries are those that manufacture products for individuals to use, and they include the construction and production industries. The secondary industry is in contrast to the primary industry, which produces ... More »

A cottage industry is an industry made up of people working from their own homes and using their own equipment. Products or services made from a home-based business instead of in a factory setting are made in a cottage i... More »

Information that typically appears on a fast food industry analysis includes details about the quality of the food at different chains, the sales revenue and expenses different companies face, and a breakdown of the vari... More » Business & Finance Industries

The companies in the FMCG industry with the highest sales are Nestle, Procter & Gamble, PepsiCo, Unilever and the Coca-Cola Company. This is according to sales figures from 2013 as reported by Statista, which is based on... More »

A fragmented industry is one in which no major companies drive the direction of the industry. Fragmented industries typically result because a lot of small companies exist in the sector, and it is difficult for one compa... More »

The ISO 9001:2015 certifies quality management systems based on standards such as strong customer focus, engagement of people, continual improvement, effective leadership and evidence-based decision making. The standards... More » Business & Finance Industries