When a timing belt breaks, the engine of the car stops working. Often, there is a loud clunking sound right before the timing belt breaks. It is impossible to drive a car with a broken timing belt because the belt regula... More »

If a Honda timing belt breaks while the engine is running, it can cause serious damage to the engine. This is because Hondas have interference engines. More »

When a timing chain breaks, the camshaft stops spinning and the piston can strike open valves. This bends the valves, leading to catastrophic engine failure. Regular maintenance of the timing chain and replacement when n... More »

Timing marks on a car are used to indicate the pattern of cylinder head movement in the engine relative to the engine's timing belt. They are necessary to ensure that the timing belt is aligned properly with both the cyl... More »

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One tip for adjusting the timing of a GM engine is to avoid cranking the engine or rotating the cam or crankshaft on interference engines suffering from a broken timing belt. Another tip when working on engines that util... More »

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Some common things to check when a car's engine does not turn over include the battery components, the timing belt, the fuel level and fuel injectors and to look for moisture inside the distributor cap. On vehicles with ... More »

The most basic parts of any car are the engine, fuel system, ignition system, battery, charging system, starting system, cooling system, transmission, steering system and timing belt. Modern cars also usually have on-boa... More »