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In most cases, checks do not expire. However, after six months, checks are considered stale and banks and credit unions are not required to cash them, states the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


Nothing adverse will happen if a person takes expired medicine, as stated by Drugs.com; however, the medicine may not work as intended. The expiration date on the label is used by manufacturers to show the period when the medicine if fully potent. This means that a drug that is not used before its e


Some types of alcohol do expire even when they are not opened, according to the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation. Liquors that have sugar or cream added tend to have a shorter shelf life.


Since a law was passed in 1979, prescription drugs have a date printed on them to warn when they should be discarded. This date assures consumers that they are getting the full strength of the prescription medication and that it's still safe to take, states Harvard Health Publications.


According to WebMD and Mayo Clinic, vitamins do expire; they become less effective over time and gradually lose all their potency. If a package of vitamins is past its expiration date, consumers are better off throwing it out and getting a replacement.


Although paint cans typically do not have a printed expiration date, paint does expire. Oil-based paints are good for around 15 years, while latex paints last up to 10 years; however, after a paint can is opened, the paint is only usable for two to four years.


Tea expires after several years of storage. According to GlobalPost, as tea is left in storage, the natural oils that provide the flavor from the tea leaves evaporate, leading to a decreased scent and flavor of the tea.


Coffee does not expire in the sense that it becomes unhealthy to consume. However, the quality does lessen over time. Unopened coffee will stay fresh for up to a year, while opened containers are good for only a couple weeks.


Expiration dates on many prescription and over-the-counter medications indicate the date on which the potency of the products is no longer guaranteed, according to The Harvard Medical School Family Health Guide. Aside from liquid antibiotics, insulin and nitroglycerin, studies have shown that many a


Wine does not expire, but many varieties lose their sophistication and nuanced flavor profile when stored beyond the recommended maturation time. Cheap wines mature quickly and do not require cellaring, but fine wines take many years to reach their peak. Proper storage conditions are essential for a