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The mesosphere is the segment of the Earth's atmosphere residing between the stratosphere and the thermosphere. It is the least-studied and least-understood layer of the atmosphere.


The mesosphere is made up of noctilucent clouds, atmospheric tides, gravity tides and planetary tides. Less is known about the mesosphere because it is hard to study.


The mesosphere, which is the third innermost layer of the Earth's atmosphere, is comprised largely of nitrogen, oxygen and carbon dioxide. Its chemical composition differs very little from that of the innermost layers of atmosphere, with the approximate composition bein...


The mesosphere contains different kinds of gases that are mixed in the air and a deep sodium layer. Most meteors from space burn up in this layer. A special type of clouds, called noctilucent clouds, sometimes forms near the North and South Poles of the mesosphere, and ...


The mesosphere is important, in part, because it is the layer in which most asteroids burn up. Additionally, while scientists have yet to study the phenomenon in detail, strange clouds and lightening occur in the mesosphere. Called “noctilucent clouds” and “sprites,” re...


The mesosphere protects Earth by preventing meteor impacts. When objects from space enter the atmosphere, the mesosphere is the first dense region of gas they encounter. Most of these objects vaporize or melt when they collide with atmospheric gas particles.


Nitrogen and oxygen are the gases that make up the mesosphere. The temperature in the mesosphere is cold enough to create ice clouds that are visible from Earth. Electrical charges within the mesosphere are also sometimes seen on Earth.