At a revocation hearing, the judge determines whether or not the defendant admits guilt or pleas innocent to violating their parole or probation. This is legally termed the preliminary revocation hearing. More »

A probation revocation hearing occurs when someone serving a probation sentence violates the terms of the probation, according to Nolo. This hearing determines if the probationer violated the terms of probation. In some ... More »

If a person misses a court date, a judge likely issues a bench warrant for the person's arrest, according to the Legal Aid Society. The warrant may be cleared if the individual reports to the Central Clerk's office where... More »

The court considering the revocation of someone's probation must first provide that person with notice of the pending revocation. A court hearing is held to determine whether to revoke the probation. More »

The difference between probation and parole is that probation is typically used in lieu of incarceration and places an offender under court ordered supervision by a probation agency. Parole is used to conditionally relea... More »

The Marion County inmate list contains a roster of all inmates currently incarcerated, an abbreviated inmate roster, daily jail bookings, a roster of all those currently serving in the work center, and a roster of all th... More » Government & Politics Crime

According to, a person who violates the terms of probation in Georgia is required to attend a court hearing where a judge determines whether or not the conditions of the probation were violated. If it... More »