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General Law: What happens at a Deposition? Posted on March 27, 2013 by Matthew Eason. What happens at a Deposition? A lot! Your deposition is probably the most important event that happens in your entire case. Believe it or not, it may be even more important than your testimony at trial. As scary as that may sound, it is actually a very simple ...


A deposition can be a stressful process, but what happens afterwards? Many deponents -- aka the people who are questioned in a deposition -- feel anxious about the next legal steps following a deposition. To put your minds a bit more at ease, here are a few things that commonly take place after a deposition concludes: A Transcript Is Prepared


What Is an Adult Disposition Hearing? According to Legal Match, an adult disposition hearing is when a judge in a criminal case determines the punishment for the guilty party if he is convicted in the hearing or a court. The process usually only happens in juvenile court cases, but it happens in adult court cases as well. ...


Deposition. After a lawsuit is filed, each party has the right to fully investigate his opponent's case. This is called the "discovery phase." There are several tools available during the discovery process, and one of these is to take depositions of witnesses.


What's next after a deposition? How long could the decision take after the fact? After a car accident,I was hurt. ... A deposition is not a court hearing, it is part of discovery. After discovery is complete a court date shall be set. ... Since a deposition is part of discovery and not a court proceeding what happens next can differ from case ...


During a deposition, a court reporter records the questions and answers. People being questioned during a deposition may be represented by an attorney, if preferred. In general, the contents of a deposition may be used by either party during a trial or a hearing, as detailed by the Legal Information Institute at Cornell University Law School.


At the disposition (or dispositional) hearing, the court decides whether the child and family need help and, if so, what services should be ordered. The order will contain information regarding the services and supports that the family will receive and participate in to resolve the issues that brought the family to the attention of the child protective services (CPS) agency


A disposition hearing in Colorado criminal court is a hearing to decide whether to accept the prosecutor's plea bargain offer or take the case to trial. Taking a plea bargain at the disposition hearing will resolve the criminal charges without a trial.. Not all criminal cases go through a disposition hearing.


What happens at a disposition hearing? My boyfriends disposition hearing keeps getting rescheduled. What is the point of the disposition hearing? More. Criminal defense. Ask a lawyer - it's free! Browse related questions. 2 attorney answers. Stephanie Marie Burton. 5.0 stars 3 reviews.


How to Handle a Deposition in Your Workers’ Comp Case. ... What Happens at a Deposition. The deposition will probably take place in a conference room at a law firm. (If the insurance company scheduled your deposition, which is typically the case, the deposition will most likely take place at its lawyer’s office.) ... After the Deposition.