How Arraignments and Bond Hearings Work - an article appearing in Super ... It is typically schedule 24 to 48 hours after the arrest, but sometimes longer. ... from the date of arraignment, but could happen immediately in smaller jurisdictions.

Bail is cash, a bond, or property that an arrested person gives to a court to ... a request for lowered bail may be made either in a special bail hearing or ... (For information on what happens if the defendant doesn't show up, see Bail Jumping. ).

Learn about arraignment, bail, bond, preliminary exam, pre-trial proceedings, trial , ... a few weeks after the probable cause conference, and is the first hearing in the ... It is what happens to the defendant; it is the end-result of a criminal case.

Apr 3, 2019 ... This critical hearing occurs after preliminary arraignment, and it is the first ... This article explains both what happens at a preliminary hearing and what will .... If the defendant has not been able to make bail, then our criminal ...

After the initial court appearance when the bail is set, the bail will usually be posted ... the court will set another follow-up date for a conference or for a hearing.

This is the first court hearing after someone has been arrested and charged with a crime. ... If the defendant is still in jail, bail and any other conditions are set.

Before appearing in court, it can be helpful to know what the purpose of a hearing will be, who will be present, what issues will be addressed.

Bail Hearing. After a person's arrest, a judge or other court officer will set the amount of bail, along with any other conditions for his or her release from jail.

After a brief investigation, the police locate Mr. Smith and arrest him. ... In most jurisdictions, the Riverside Hearings are accomplished by the arresting officer ... A signature bond means that the defendant will simply sign his or her bail form and ...

Either the same day or the day after a defendant is arrested and charged, ... the judge makes the decision on whether to grant bail, he must hold a hearing to ...