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Many haircuts exist for women with long hair, such as the "Blunt Cut" for those with bangs, the "Beach Waves" for those with any face shape and without bangs, and the "Long Bob" for those with a square-shaped face. For men, the "Beachy," "Straight and Long" and the "Tidy and Parted on the Side" are


Haircutting stories are a niche fetish genre of literature detailing stories about men or women who have their hair cut. While the majority of the genre is for people with hair fetishes, some are good stories in their own right and use the haircut as a secondary part of the plot. Most haircut storie


Good haircuts for men over 50 include a finger-length cut all over the head, a buzz cut and a tapered cut, according to Esquire. Men over 50 can choose from specific haircuts that can help them hide problems such as thinning hair or baldness.


Not necessarily. While price can be an indication of a hairdresser's quality, there are many other factors to consider if an individual doesn't want a haircut to look cheap.


Examples of short haircuts include the stackable bob, pixie cut and a chin-length bob. Other short haircut ideas are an asymmetrical cut and a modern mullet.


You can use a virtual makeover tool to see how a potential haircut would look on you. Many fashion and beauty websites offer such tools.


Some simple and practical short haircuts for women include bobs and pixie cuts. Other popular short styles that generally involve slightly more styling include short asymmetrical styles and fauxhawks or pompadours.


As of 2016, good magazines to find information about the latest haircuts include Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide, InStyle and Allure. While InStyle and Allure cover a variety of beauty and fashion topics, Sophisticate's Hairstyle Guide is entirely devoted to hair. The publishers of this guide claim i


A bob haircut is a short hairstyle, usually worn by women. Bobbed hair is cut off straight, without layers, at about the level of the jaw. There are many variations of the classic bob hairstyle, including the long bob and the asymmetrical bob.


According to InStyle, round faces are best suited by short, heavily-textured haircuts or medium-length cuts that have a few layers around the edges. Since oval face shapes are considered ideal, people with this face shape can wear just about any cut, says Allure.