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Knowing what can guinea pigs eat and what guinea pigs can’t eat is really important since you don’t want to poison your pet with something you think it loves. The guinea pig is now a famous pet in the United States because of her affectionate nature and easy care. Guinea pig predominantly feeds on grass which is also their natural diet.


Besides water, hay, and pellets, what else can your guinea pig eat? → Jump to the Guinea Pig Safe Food List First, let’s take a look at the basics of a guinea pig diet or jump to What The Happy Cavy Herd Eats for a general guide on the daily dietary requirements of guinea pigs.


Guinea Pig food list - food they can eat and food they should not. We provide an detailed list of food your Guinea Pigs really like and also a blacklist which food should not be provided to build up a proper diet.


You may be thinking of adopting a guinea pig and want to know what they can eat, or perhaps you already have a guinea pig and are wondering if a certain food is okay to feed them. We will discuss: What guinea pigs can eat. Which foods can make them sick. Guinea pig favorites that may surprise you. Safe food for picky eaters.


The food choice can be eaten by guinea pigs, mushrooms that humans can eat and not those poisonous ones. It is usually given to them as a treat. Imagine how much it would cost you if you include it in your pets, everyday diet.


Guinea pigs eat anything put in their food dish, so owners must be very carful to avoid these foods. Processed snacks, beans, raw grains, meat, dairy, nuts, seeds, and even certain veggies can all be harmful to a pet cavy; so, remember to watch out for these.


What can Guinea Pigs eat? By Tamara Labelle 12 Feb 2018 . Hay, grass and small portions of vegetables are the best food for your Guinea Pig. You should also ensure her diet includes plenty of vitamin C. Read our list of what veg and fruit you can feed, as well as what you can't.


The below Guinea Pig Dangerous Foods List is a compilation of vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are not safe for guinea pig consumption. Jump to the Guinea Pig Safe Food List to find out what plants are edible for guinea pigs.


Provide your guinea pig with about 1/4 – 1/8 cup of plain, dye free guinea pig pellets for eating. You can serve it in a small, relatively heavy ceramic bowl (to prevent tipping). It is recommended to buy pellets formulated with vitamin C. Store pellets in a dry, cool, dark place to preserve the potency of the vitamin C.